📅 Feb 20, 2023


  • Cannot see the value of a variable set as secret
  • The "Save changes" button appears even when there are no changes made.
  • "Leave page?" popup shows on Environment general settings without changing anything
  • Search and Create organization element position


  • Auto cleanup removed components. If you delete a component or rename it the platform will destroy its kubernetes resources on the next deploy. For Helm, Kubernetes and Generic Components the platform will run the destroy scripts. Also for existing components, if you remove environment variables or you no longer expose ports, the platform will delete the corresponding ConfigMap and Service from kubernetes.
  • Queue environment actions. If you stop an environment while it's deploying, or a new deploy is triggered as a result of a git push while the environment is already deploying, or the PR close event tries to delete an ephemeral which is still deploying, all these new actions will be queued and applied in order when the preceding action finishes.
  • Loading speed was improved for Environment Detail page and Environment Settings page
  • Move enrich endpoint call last on the list to avoid blocking other requests.