📅 Mar 03, 2023


  • Validate interpolation expressions at bunnyshell.yaml save, that the references exists. For example if you make a typo and write {{ components.myappx.image }} but your component is named myapp it will thow a validation error telling that value {{ components.myappx.image }} does not exists.


  • Code mirror editors - collapse/expand icons are moving inside the edit space when reaching 999+ rows
  • On create environment from template the displayed error message was undefined
  • Environment Configuration - "Deploy changes" and the "Changes reviewed" are available for a short time period after they finished their loader phase
  • Added missing stack icons


  • ✨ NGINX Ingress Controller v4.5.2. The installed ingress-nginx Helm chart was bumped to v4.5.2.
  • Combined Pipeline ID with Pipeline name
  • Added environment ID in details section
  • Design updated for Pipeline Details page