An organization is a shared account where teammates can collaborate across many projects at once. Owners and admins can manage:
  • Git provider integrations
  • Connected Kubernetes clusters
  • Billing
  • Users and Roles

Creating an Organization

When creating your Bunnyshell account, you will be asked to enter a company name. The company provided at this stage will act as your organization, once your account is set up.
To create another organization:
1. Click Organizations on the left-side menu.
2. Click Create organization.
3. Choose a name for your Organization, then select its size from the drop-down menu.
4. Finally, click Create Organization.

Organization Members

With your organization successfully created, you can go ahead and invite your teammates to join via email:
1. Click the Settings
button on the left-side menu.
2. Select Users.
3. Click Add user.
4. Type the email of the person you wish to add and click Send invitation.