Component Variables


Component variables include Application variables and Database variables. They are available at runtime, as well as during builds and deploys.
These variables are unique for the component where they are defined and cannot be overridden.

Creating a Component Variable

1. Click on the project name in the upper-right corner of the Bunnyshell interface.
2. Select View all projects.
3. Select an environment.
4. Choose a component (application or database).
5. From the left-side menu, navigate to the component Variables screen (Application variables or Database variables, depending on the component selected).
6. Click Create variable.
7. Enter a name and a value and for your variable.
When choosing a name for your variable, make sure you take in account the following requirements:
  • Variable keys should use only alphanumeric characters and the underscore character.
  • Variable keys should not begin with a double underscore.
  • Variable keys should not begin with BNS_.
  • Variable keys cannot contain more than 255 characters.
  • Variable keys cannot contain less than 3 characters.
8. Choose whether your variable should be a secret one or not. Secrets are encrypted and are only accessible during build and runtime.
9. Finally, click the Create variable button.

Editing or Deleting a Component Variable

1. Go to the component Variables screen (steps 1-5 from Creating a Component Variable).
2. Click the
Options button corresponding to the variable in question.
3. Choose the desired action: Edit or Delete.

Overriding other variables

Component variables cannot be overridden. They can, however, override both Project variables and Environment variables.
After being passed to a container, all variables are considered environment variables.