Bunnyshell CLI Overview

CLI Introduction

Bunnyshell's CLI tool helps you achieve your most common tasks and makes it simple to integrate our platform in your existing flows, such as pipelines, deployment scripts, testing scripts etc. or when you use remote development.

From the CLI tool, you can see and control your Environments:

  • Clone an Environment
  • Start/stop an Environment
  • Deploy an Environment
  • See the events for an Environment
  • Delete an Environment
  • Start Remote Development

Using the Bunnyshell CLI

When typing a command in the Bunnyshell CLI, use the following format:

$ bns [command]

Bunnyshell Resource Commands

  • components: Environment Components view
  • environments: Environments management
  • k8s-clusters: Kubernetes Cluster Integrations view
  • organizations: Organizations view
  • pipeline: Pipeline view & monitor
  • projects: Bunnyshell Projects
  • project-variables: Bunnyshell Project Variables
  • variables: Bunnyshell Environment Variables

Utility Commands

  • git: Git info and helper
  • port-forward: Port forwarding between local and the container
  • remote-development: Remote Development session manager

CLI Commands

  • completion: Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  • configure: Configure CLI settings
  • help: CLI Help
  • version: Version Information


      --configFile string   Bunnyshell CLI Config File (default "$HOME/.bunnyshell/config.yaml")
  -d, --debug               Debug network requests
  -h, --help                Help for bunnyshell-cli-refactor-api-106f926
      --no-progress         Disable progress spinners
      --non-interactive     Disable interactive terminal
  -o, --output string       Output format: stylish | json | yaml (default "stylish")
      --profile string      Use profile from config file
  -v, --verbose count       Increase log verbosity
      --version             version for bns



Use bns [command] --help for more information about a particular command, as well as to discover the so-needed short aliases for command.



The Bunnyshell CLI leverages the Go SDK, also publicly available.

The official GO SDK for the Bunnyshell API is available here: