Activate Cost Tracking

Activating the Cost Tracking is just a matter of connecting a Kubecost instance, and can be achieved from the Clusters section.

  1. Activation is very simple, you just need to go to the Clusters page and click Add-ons.

  1. From there, you need to add the Add-on.

  1. You need to choose whether you already have Kubecost installed in your cluster (Existing Kubecost Instance) or you want Bunnyshell to install it for you (Managed Kubecost) and follow the steps.

  1. Once the Add-on is added, a pipeline will be generated, to apply the needed configurations.

Upon clicking the View pipeline link, you will be able to see the cluster configuration pipeline.

  1. Ultimately, check that the Cost Tracking add-on was successfully connected and appears as Active in the clusters list.

Congratulations! That's all, your cluster can now track environment costs.