DNS Records & Ingresses

DNS records are created by Bunnyshell for all Kubernetes Ingresses deployed by a Component which have the class bns-nginx. Ingresses without the bns-nginx class are ignored by Bunnyshell when creating DNS records.

DNS records are created immediately after the deploy scripts are successfully executed.

Currently, Bunnyshell only supports creating dynamic *.bunnyenv.com URLs, and the DNS records are created in Cloudflare, which also handles the SSL termination.


Hostnames with self-managed DNS records

If you want to use a domain external to Bunnyshell (ie. stage.my-company.tld), you need to create the DNS records outside Bunnyshell.

Refer to the following guide to setup your own custom domains using ExternalDNS, otherwise if you would like to setup your own DNS refer to the following guide.