Git Providers


Bunnyshell uses your connected Git account to do the following:

  • Pull your code for building container images
  • Read application configuration files, such as Docker-compose or Dockerfiles
  • Determine when to create ephemeral environments, through webhooks
  • Update applications when new commits are available, through webhooks

Supported Git Version Control Systems (VCS)



Webhooks are calls made from your Git Version Control Systems (VCS) back to Bunnyshell when certain events happen. Bunnyshell, based on defined rules, uses these events to trigger automatic updates of applications or automatic creating of ephemeral environments.

You can find below the git action Bunnyshell tracks and the automatic actions that can be triggered:

  • Push - Update an application with the latest code on the branch deployed.
  • New Pull Request - Create ephemeral environments with the branch in the Pull Request.
    Applications will be targeted based on their deployed branch being the same as the PR target.
  • Closed Pull Request - Destroy an ephemeral environment when the Pull Request is closed or merged.
  • Re-open Pull Request - Recreate an environment when a Pull Request is re-opened.


Connect your Git account

To connect and use your repositories in Bunnyshell, go to the main interface and follow the steps below:

  1. Click Integrations on the left-side menu.

  2. Select Git integrations.

  3. Click Connect git account and select one of the available providers.

You will be asked to login into your Git provider account and allow read-only access to Bunnyshell.
Once this is done, you will be redirected to Bunnyshell and your repositories will be ready to be used.