Components & workflows

Component kinds

The kinds of Components used in this guide are:

Image Builds

The image builds are performed with Kaniko, either in your cluster or one of Bunnyshell's managed clusters.

The properties - we hope - are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to check out the DockerImage Component page.


The sequence in which the deploy was executed is:

  1. All image builds (DockerImage Components) in parallel
  2. Database - postgres Component, deploy scripts
  3. Backend - api component, deploy scripts
  4. Frontend - frontend Component, deploy scripts

Generally speaking, builds are ran in parallel, then the kinds Helm, KubernetesManifest, Terraform and GenericComponent are ran in sequence, in the order in which they appear in bunnyshell.yaml, and in the end, all Docker Compose Components are deployed in the same stage.


More details are available in the Deploy Workflow page.


Starting is executed similarly with the Deploy, except the attribute from which scripts are exected is start.


Stopping executes stop scripts from all Components in parallel.


Destroying executes destroy scripts from all Components in parallel.