Environment Auto-Update

Enabling the Auto-Update feature

You can choose whether Components will auto-update/auto-deploy when new Git commits become available for the branches currently deployed. This is really useful for keeping your Environments up-to-date with work of colleagues.

  1. Select your Environment in the Bunnyshell interface.
  2. Click the Settings button. The settings for the selected environment are displayed.
  3. In the General Settings section, toggle on the Auto-update option. This option is automatically saved by Bunnyshell.
  4. Click Save changes.


See it in action

Go to your Git repository and merge a PR in the branch which is deployed for one of the components.



Behind the scenes, Bunnyshell uses Git webhooks to be notified when new commits are available. The webhooks are set when performing the integration.

Whenever a Git webhook arrives, if Auto-Update is ON, Bunnyshell will trigger a deployment if the Environment is Running.
If the Environment is Stopped, upon starting, a check will be made, and if newer commits are available, a deployment will be triggered.

Go back to the Bunnyshell UI. Congratulations! Your environment was automatically updated.



Environments are automatically updated only if they were deployed at least once successfully.


Updating components manually

If you chose to have auto-update disabled, you will be able to update manually, and this is how it will look like: