GCP Kubernetes Cluster


In this guide we'll demonstrate how you can create a Google Cloud Services Kubernetes cluster and easily connect it to Bunnyshell.

First, we will explore how to create the cluster:

Once you have a GCP Kubernetes cluster available, we will explore how to connect it with Bunnyshell:


Connect a GCP Kubernetes cluster to Bunnyshell


Prerequisites for connecting the cluster

  • You have a Bunnyshell account;
  • You have created an Organization;
  • You have a functioning Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes cluster.


How to connect the cluster

  1. Go to the Bunnyshell platform and click Integrations on the left-side menu.

  1. Click Kubernetes clusters on the left side of the main interface.

  2. Click Connect cluster.

  1. Select Google Cloud.

  1. A new window should pop-up now. The following fields are displayed in the new window:


Harden your GKE cluster

Consider enabling Workload Identity in order to improve the security (active by default on GKE Autopilot clusters). You can follow this guide in order to achieve this Use Workload Identity.