Microsoft Teams


Your Bunnyshell environments will be active most of the time, meaning there is a high chance certain info regarding their activity may go unnoticed unless you pay extra attention.

With the Bunnyshell Microsoft Teams integration you can now connect your Teams channel to our platform to receive all your environment-related notifications inside a channel of choice.

Bunnyshell will provide Microsoft Teams notifications for the following types of events:

  • Successful Environment Deployment
  • Successful Ephemeral Environment Deployment
  • Failed Environment Deployment
  • Failed Environment Deletion
  • Disconnected Kubernetes Cluster
  • Disconnected Registry


Enabling this feature will require the following:

  • Installing the Incoming Webhook Application in Microsoft Teams
  • Adding the Webhook in Bunnyshell

Installing the Incoming Webhook

  1. Go to Apps on the left menu bar in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Search for "incoming webhook".
  3. Click on Add in the corresponding application card.

  1. Then, click Add to a team.

  1. Select the channel where you want the notifications to be posted.

  1. Then, click the Set up a connector button.

  1. Give a suggestive name, such as "Bunnyshell", upload an image, eg the Bunnyshell logo, then hit Create.

  1. Copy the Webhook URL, then click Done.

Adding the Webhook in Bunnyshell

  1. Into Bunnyshell, go to Integrations, select Teams, then click on Connect Teams.

  1. Enter a name and the URL you copied from your Teams' webhook, then Connect.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Microsoft Teams account and will be notified of deployments and integration issues in the channel you selected.