Need to find out what Bunnyshell does, fast?

Also consider our quick-to-read mini-tutorials, from the Bunnyshell in 5 minutes series.


Prefer to learn by example?

We've got you covered. Feel free to explore our examples repository and learn by doing.



One of the best ways to start discovering Bunnyshell is by following a step-by-step guide created for you to onboard in the fastest time possible.

It will walk you through the core concepts of our platform, will give you the opportunity to create & deploy the first environment, then explain what happened under the hood.

You will also be introduced to our CLI and with the Remote Development feature. You will learn how to debug things, and what steps you should consider taking next.


Choose learning path

You can choose to create & deploy your first environment using one of the two methods demonstrated:

  • a Helm Chart (the Kubernetes Manifest method is very similar with this one)
  • a docker-compose.yaml, the one you would use for local development


Guide Structure

Having two demonstrated ways of creating & deploying an environment, the guide will split into two guides, one for Helm and one for Docker-compose, for the Create & Deploy the Environment part.

Once the deployment of the environment is complete and the particular concepts have been explained, the two guides will merge once again into a single thread.


What’s Next