Start Remote Development

Remote Development can be started from the Bunnyshell CLI Tool.


In order to install the Bunnyshell CLI, please see the dedicated CLI documentation page.


You need to be authenticated in the CLI and have access to the Environment which you're trying to do remote development on.

Choose a way to work

Bunnyshell allows two ways to do Remote Development. You need to choose the one which suits your workflow best. Depending on compliance regulations or just your own preferences, you need to choose whether any code will reside on your laptop.

You can choose to:

  • Sync files from local into the container. You will have both the code and your favourite IDE on your local machine and edit the files locally.The code will be synchronized into the container using a 3rd party tool named Mutagen.
  • Work only with remote files. You will have nothing but your IDE on your local machine and edit the files directly in the container. The IDE will connect through SSH into the container.

Read more about sharing remote development configuration.

Start Remote Development

Depending on whether you need to sync files or not, the commands differ, but the command which you will run is the same:

$ bns remote-development up

When typing, you can use the shorter alias:

$ bns rdev up


Don't hesitate to use --help to find about more useful shortcuts.

Check out the dedicated pages for each of the ways of working: