Remote Development

Remote Development allows you to transform any Environment deployed with Bunnyshell into an environment in which you can develop your applications.

How will it work?

Your code will be sync'ed real-time from your local machine into the container running in Kubernetes, and you will be able to run the same commands you do on local, the same way, because a SSH tunnel (or more) will be open into the respective container.

Enable & Configure Remote Development

By default, Remote Development is prevented so no accidental substitution occur for code others might be using.

See how to Enable Remote Development.

Start Remote Development

Starting Remote Development will enable the sync of your local code in the remote container.

See how to Start Remote Development.


See more

More information about this feature is available on our Remote Development documentation page.


Being able to debug applications by running the code line-by-line or seeing the entire variable context and call stack is essential for productivity.

See how to Debug Remote Development.

The example for node.js is the exact one used in this Quickstart Guide.