Bunnyshell Requirements


Before using Bunnyshell, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • Your application's source code is checked into a Git Version Control System (VCS). Bunnyshell currently integrates with Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket.
  • Your application needs to be containerized. Technically, using Terraform or any other Infrastructure as Code approach, even plain scripting, you can create and deploy anything, including VMs with no running containers - it's something you can definitely do, but it's not the context where Bunnyshell shines the most.

Supported Kubernetes clusters

Bunnyshell deploys the containerized workloads in a Kubernetes Cluster. Currently, it supports integration with cloud managed Kubernetes clusters provided by:

Private Kubernetes clusters are also supported by our service:


Aditionally, depending on the range of operations you intend to run on a given cluster, you may need additional set-up for the cluster.