For this tutorial, you will need your own AWS account and a user with rights to create buckets and upload files into an arbitrary S3 bucket.



Creating the user through the UI is just displayed for the purpose of simplicity, but you should definitely consider creating any cloud resources (including users) through code (IaC), so changes are documented and can be tracked and reproduced easily.

Configuring the AWS user

  1. Log into your AWS Account

  2. Go to the IAM section.

  3. Go to Users section.

  4. Click Add Users button

  5. Choose username and check Programmatic access

  1. Attach an S3 Policy



Permissions should be granted using a policy as narrow as possible in terms of permissions.

However, not knowing your setup, it is impossible for us to predict what the best scenario would be for you, so please adapt this policy to be more restrictive if using it on an existing non-test AWS account.

  1. Create the user and retrieve the Access Key ID and the Secret.



Bunnyshell supports Terraform Modules regardless of their complexity.

If Terraform can apply it, Bunnyshell can apply it.