Docker-compose Overview


Deployment part of the complete guide

This section is part of the Bunnyshell Quickstart Guide.

In order to see other Environment creation & deployment methods, please visit the Create & Deploy the Environment page.


In this guide, you will be taking a Docker-compose example and create an environment from it.



The Demo Repository

As part of this guide, we crafted a simple repository for a demo application, named Bunnyshell Books.

You can choose to run this on local, or directly in Bunnyshell.

  • Running Locally

    • Fork & clone the repository
    • Run docker-compose up in the root of the project
    • Add 1 line in the /etc/hosts file (see
  • Running in Bunnyshell

    • Fork & clone the repository
    • Create an environment and add an application
    • Select the repository and indicate the path to the docker-compose.yaml file
    • Deploy the Environment



See how it will look like when deployed in Kubernetes.