Scaleway Registry


Bunnyshell supports connecting Scaleway registries to your organization, allowing you to use those registries to store your container images and deploy them on Kubernetes clusters.


Before you proceed, make sure you have administrator privileges on your Scaleway account.

Configure Scaleway Namespace

You can use an already created namespace or create a new one by going to Container Registry in your Scaleway Account: /registry/namespaces

You will use the following info to connect to Bunnyshell:

  1. Namespace Name
  2. Namespace Region

Configure access to Scaleway

You will need to create an API Key via the IAM menu item in the top right account dropdown.

You can create an API Key for your current user, but we recommend using a dedicated application:

  1. Go to IAM > Applications and click Create Application or go to /iam/applications/create
    1. We like to name it Bunnyshell Integration
  2. Go to IAM > Policies and click Create Policy or go to /iam/policies/create
    1. We like to name it Bunnyshell Integration
    2. In the Create Rules screen:
      1. Make sure to and the permission ContainerRegistryFullAccess
  3. Go to IAM > API Keys /iam/api-keys and click Generate an API key
    1. In the resulting popup, select the bearer type An Application
      1. From the application dropdown select the Bunnyshell Integration
    2. You can leave Expiration as Never
    3. After you click Generate API key make sure to save the Secret Key

Read more about Scaleway IAM Permission Sets

Connect your Scaleway registry

In the Bunnyshell interface

  1. In the sidebar click Integrations and select Container Registries
  2. Click the Connect container registry button and select Scaleway
  3. A new window will pop-up, where you will have to provide the following information