Environment workflows & Pipelines

An Environment's lifecycle is managed through workflows. A workflow in Bunnyshell is a sequence of jobs, each job being compose out of steps. Theese define a set of operations to be ran for every action which can be performed on an Environment:

  • deploying an environment
  • deleting / destroying an environment
  • starting an environment
  • stopping an environment

A run of a given workflow is called a pipeline in Bunnyshell. Pipelines are composed of stages, and stages are composed of steps (commands) to be ran in sequence.

Stages of a pipeline / workflow for deploy and start actions are built according to the dependsOn attribute, specified at the component level. For destroy and stop workflows, the scripts for all components are ran in parallel.

Each workflow will be detailed in their own, dedicated page within this section.

Visualising a workflow

From the Environment Details page, you can click the Pipelines button, and you will see the workflow runs of the current Environment.

You will be able to see the stages (columns) of the pipeline, as well as the jobs within. When clicking on a job, you will see the steps executed by each job, as well as the output of the commands.