What is Bunnyshell


Bunnyshell is an Environments as a Service platform that makes it incredibly easy to create and manage full-stack environments for development, staging and production so your team can deliver software faster and focus on building great products.


  • Bunnyshell supports on-demand or automatic creation of production-like staging and development environments.
  • You can use it to easily generate environments in your own cloud account(s), ranging from the simplest static websites to the most complex applications topologies (e.g. microservices with cloud-native services).
  • Our platform tracks your source code changes and based on triggers defined by you, it can automatically update existing environments or build new ephemeral environments for Pull requests.


How can Bunnyshell help?

How many times have you asked the question "Can I have a staging"? How many hours have you wasted maintaining and configuring environments? How about trying to develop or test applications, but without the full context (services and databases)?

The Issues

With microservices and cloud technologies on the rise, developers are now faced with a number of problems:

  • Environments are becoming more complex and with greater fault tolerance. All developers use environments, but only one engineer at a time can deploy to a staging environment due to constraints on shared environments.

  • To develop and test a new feature, you need to wait or compete for access. Alternatively, you can spend time waiting to deploy to a shared staging environment only to realize something already changed, and you're back to square one.

The Solution

Bunnyshell provides an easy way to overcome these issues: all of the complexity required to build an agile environment setup comes as a service.

  • Any developer can create limitless reproducible environments in seconds with a click and push their code faster.

  • EaaS can increase your teams’ velocity more than implementing any other kind of platform by removing bottlenecks and decreasing rework.

Who is Bunnyshell for?

⌘ Development Teams

Environment as a Service uses advanced automation to ease teamwork, rework, and time-consuming implementations. Bottlenecks will be a thing of the past as you continue to increase production with faster time-to-market, collaboration and communication with your team and stakeholders, and using the correct tools for your needs.

Bunnyshell allows you to focus on what’s important to you and future-proof your business. Decrease your bottlenecks, remove rework, and become more efficient.

⏎ QA Teams

Bunnyshell brings a structured approach to test environment management. This enables you to build the right performance environment with the help of our intuitive design and quick implementation process.

Thanks to automation, multiple test environments can be ran simultaneously to increase efficiency (an otherwise time-consuming task), while at the same time keeping costs low.

⎈ DevOps Teams

With the development of tools and different practices for different clouds, technologies, etc., we have now reached a point where DevOps does the exact opposite when applied inappropriately.

Bunnyshell comes as a solution. It's a way to simplify and standardize processes and workflows in the release cycle. How does it do this? Through automation and by enabling teams to gain a holistic approach to the entire infrastructure and all related activities.

⏏︎ Release Management Teams

Releases are becoming more frequent and managing them properly can be a very complex task. This has led to a need for automation, coordination, and faster solutions. Thus, it’s crucial to focus on an efficient release management process.

Bunnyshell offers the perfect EaaS solution for automating your processes to increase speed, invest in your people, and help you use all the right tools to aid you in keeping up with more frequent and faster deployments.